Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Save Your Tail *If You are a Rat Nabbed by Cats . . . by Mary Hanson

How to Save Your Tail*: How to Save Your Tail*: by Mary Hanson
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Looking for a fun quick read? Well, here you go!
How to Save Your Tail is a cute collection of quirky retellings of classic fairy tales. All the stories are told from the view point of a rat named Bob. Bob is not your typical rat as he loves reading and baking. When he is caught by two hungry cats, he must use his baking ability and the stories from members of his family tree to try and save his tail.
Interestingly, the tales from his family are all strangely similar to fairy tales with which you're very familiar! This book is loads of fun for all of us fairy tale fiends. :)

Highly recommended!

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