Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So it begins...or continues.

We never really stop learning, do we?  I mean, we try.  Having been a child in elementary school and teaching in elementary school for the past 8 years, I KNOW that many people try to get out of learning.  We may not learn what the teacher intended to teach, but we are always learning.
I actually love being a life-long learner, but I keep telling myself (and my husband, family, coworkers) that I am going to stop going back to school.  Yet here I am nearing the end of my graduate studies.  I am so enjoying earning my Masters degree and adding school librarianship to my teaching license.  I loved going back to school for my initial teaching license.  I even liked my first stint in college to earn a B.A. in English (still not sure what I thought I was going to actually do with that :).  But this is it.  I mean it.  Really...

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