Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Purpose

At the beginning of a class, the teacher is supposed to always state the objectives, right?  So, what am I doing blogging? 
Well, I am currently an elementary school technology teacher.  I want and need to work in current technology so that I can stay on top of what's going on. 
Additionally, I am learning to be a librarian.  Library (like most everything else) isn't what it used to be.  Technology is important in EVERY aspect of education (and daily life actually).  The school library is a central part of the school both in an academic sense and, in many cases, a physical sense.  As a future librarian, I need to interact with other librarians in order to know what's going on out there and what's "hot" in library trends.  Blogging allows me to share what I've got and connect with others in order to create the best library situation for my future patrons.
Finally, blogging is really fun.  I always loved the whole stream of consciousness thing. 
<3 Faulkner
It's much easier to type what you are thinking.  When I used to try to physically write in stream of consciousness style, I would've had several other thoughts before I was able to get the first on one the paper. 

By the way, stream of consciousness writing is a really fun writing activity I used to do with my 5th graders.  At first there was a lot of "I don't know what to write.  I don't know what to write." but after a bit, they can come up with some pretty funny/interesting things.  Kept in a writing journal, this writing is also something great to have the students go back to when they are at a loss for writing topics, need to practice editing, or to remind them of the writing style if they want to do it more on there own.

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