Friday, April 11, 2014

The Dragonlord's Heir (The Ascalon Trilogy #1) by Christina Kenway

The Dragonlord's Heir (The Ascalon Trilogy, #1)The Dragonlord's Heir by Christina Kenway
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If you love dragon-slayer stories I’ve got a winner for you! The Dragonlord’s Heir is the first book in a planned trilogy by Christina Kenway and it’s awesome!

I really enjoyed the story of Logan, a regular boy being raised by his Mom and living a normal life. His life does a 180 on his thirteenth birthday. After some scary dreams and being followed by a creepy stranger, the truth about his father is revealed. Logan is a descendent of Saint George-a person capable of protecting the world from dragons. At the moment he turns thirteen, Logan is the Dragonlord and he has quite a bit of catching up to do as far as what this means and what’s involved. By the way, he doesn’t have much time to figure it all out because there are people out to kill him.

This is a super fun read for middle-grade readers who love fantasy. I really enjoyed the book. Logan’s impulsive nature drives me a little crazy, but is totally legitimate for a thirteen-year-old boy. His often bad decision-making makes sense because he’s been raised completely clueless about the world of the Dragonlord and the Order that protects him. I think middle-grade readers will identify with Logan’s struggles because he really comes across as a regular kid thrown into a completely strange situation.

It’s a very enjoyable read that has me excited for the second book in the series!

Highly recommended!

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